The hectic pace of the modern life has rapidly increased the popularity of prefabricated element houses assembled of timber frame elements in the last few years. Element houses enable us to offer energy-efficient solutions and pleasant living environments. Timber is a natural material and choosing timber is an environment-friendly decision. As every project is different and unique, our timber frame element solutions allow us to create a unique home for you which meets your preferences in every way.

Manufacturing of an element house consists of the following stages:

Determining the client’s wishes and needs
Delivery and mounting

The factory-made timber frame element houses can be offered at an affordable price and the entire process of constructing the building can be planned significantly more accurately. The building materials used are securely protected from various weather conditions, which proves their high quality. Our element houses are manufactured in compliance with international building standards and legislation and our specialists regularly familiarise themselves with the standards and regulations applicable in the target markets.
One of the advantages of element houses is that the process does not depend of the season – element houses can be manufactured and, thanks to the quick mounting process, erected year-round in any location. The structural elements are made of strength-sorted timber (C24) and certified and inspected fixing elements and other materials are used. All materials and structures of the buildings are also stored in dry premises where they are protected from the weather conditions. Protection of the elements from weather conditions is also prioritised in packing the elements; the components of an element house are delivered to the construction site in packaging which ensures their protection from the weather conditions.

Everyone interested, from the builder and developer and to those seeking a complete solution,should find a suitable option from our three standard delivery sets. The delivery sets can be changed based on the client’s wishes and it is also possible to add desired materials or further services to the sets.