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Privacy policy overview provides information on how and why the AMV House Ltd collects, processes and distributes its (potential) customers’ data. Privacy policy proceeds from the general regulation of protection (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation). Privacy policy and protection of personal data are designed to ensure customer privacy in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union legislation.

“Personal information” is any information that could reflect an identified or identifiable person. Such as name, phone number, postal address, e-mail address. “Personal information” also includes information that AMV House Ltd collects – website visits, the use of different social media channels and our services.

Visiting AMV House Ltd website, you agree to our use of cookies and data processing conditions that are described in our privacy policy.

Processed personal data

  • From AMV House Ltd marketing channels (including the website, social media) we collect non-personal technical data about channel performance on the basis of its website visitors to improve and enhance your experience. In addition, we collect data on potential clients’ interests and objectives in order to provide a better quality of service and improve the AMV House Ltd website functionality and user-friendliness. 

AMV House Ltd collects data from the query, customer agreements and e-mails. 

For individuals, the data is gathered to identify the uniqueness of the person, e.g personal identification number, the customer name, e-mail, mobile phone, and contact address. 

For legal persons, the data gathered is the company’s register number, VAT number, name, country, address, e-mail addresses; the contact names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of the companies representing people. 

The content of the contact form and e-mails from customers is maintained for better customer service at a certain time, but this information will not be used for marketing purposes. We process personal data in order to identify the person and to meet its contractual obligations, as well as offer potential customers a better quality of service and information. 

  • The data gathered automatically is users web browsing data, your browser type, device type, language, website address, which content pages a user looked and how long certain pages were visited, and other statistical data. 
  • For other information, we collect personal data which you have made available to the public or made available to us by third parties on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and others.
  • Privacy specific types AMV House Ltd is not processing.

AMV House Ltd processes personal information for the following purposes: 

  • create AMV House Ltd customer base and manage it; 
  • offer customers new services and improve existing services; 
  • analyze and improve AMV House Ltd services; 
  • manage and improve the performance of marketing channels (including Homepage);
  • meet the legal requirements; 
  • respond to customer query; 
  • issue certificates.

Collection of personal information 

We collect personal data directly from the data subjects, with their consent, either by e-mail or contact form. In addition, we use automatic data collection tools (such as website analysis program Google Analytics), cookies (store web usage activity) and other surveillance capabilities that contribute to AMV House Ltd website optimization for better user experience and thus ensure a high quality of offered services and comfortable navigating on the website.

The website use cookies (cookies) and pixels (Pixel), which is optional for each website visitor and, if desired, is able to disable them.

The cookie (the cookie) is a small-scale text file which the web server sends the user’s web browser and that is stored in the user’s computer’s hard drive. Cookies enable us to remember user preferences (for example the most visited websites) in order to provide the customer with a faster browser action. Web browsers are set up by default to allow cookies, however, there is a possibility to manually change the settings so the browser refuses cookies, block third-party cookies, or notify the user of each cookie.

Pixels are small sections of the website’s code, which allow websites to read and install the cookies. They start when a user opens an e-mail or a web site and then the third-party cookies are downloaded or recorded that the user has opened an e-mail.

AMV House Ltd uses the following cookies: 

  • Cookies are used on our websites to provide AMV House Ltd website visitors a better user experience. Cookies allow our web server to recognize AMV House Ltd website and customize the home page (the client’s display advertising) content automatically to suit your needs if you are visiting more pages, and will continue to encounter again. The use of cookies facilitates recognition of the website users’ needs. Cookies enable us to collect usage statistics to help us measure and improve the performance of our website.
  • Session cookies (temporary cookies) are temporary and will disappear when you leave the website or close your browser. Session cookies are designed to allow you to use our service. 
  • Permanent cookie (saved on the user’s computer after the browser is closed) whose purpose is to remember the customer’s choice on the websites of AMV House Ltd. Persistent cookies may be used, for example, to identify the website repeat visitor (for example after marketing features) and adapt the content of the site according to your needs or for the statistics.

Our website users are deemed to have accepted the cookies if their browser settings have enabled cookies. You can always decide whether to allow cookies in your browser settings or not. If you do not want cookies, set your browser so that it automatically disables cookies or informs you every time a web page requests permission to add a cookie. To change the necessary settings please refer to your browser settings.

Specifically, AMV House Ltd uses: 

  • analytic cookies that collect information about how the site is used. For example, which content pages are visited the most or what website visitors are looking for from the website and so on. These cookies do not collect information that will allow the site to identify the user directly. Analytical cookies are for example Google Analytics cookies. AMV House Ltd website uses Google Analytics data, which is collected mainly through the services of Google Analytics and subjected to Google Analytics conditions.  
  • advertising cookies to help deliver user-interest-targeted ads. For example, AMV House Ltd website is included Facebook Pixel Code, which will help visitors to display targeted ads on Facebook. If you do not want to AMV House Ltd website advertising played more shows you can disable it with the preferences below. 
  • third-party cookies, such as YouTube and Google Maps. Map of the location and do not show unless agreed to the terms of privacy. To this end, it would technically be possible for the user to open the designs created by privacy_embeds cookie. 
  • The user has the right to refuse the storage of cookies on your computer. If warranted, the user must change their browser settings.

If blocking cookies, the user must be aware that all website functions may no longer be available to the user. Cookies can later be re-activated by manually in the browsing Web.

Sharing Personal Information 

AMV House Ltd does not transmit customer data outside Europe (EU) Economic Area. The collected and processed personal data without the consent of a person may only be transmitted to the institution or person who has the direct right arising from law and justified the reason. Personal data that is entered by the customer in some service will be treated confidentially and the right to process or transmit data belongs only to the owner (the customer). All the data will be used only for communication and to offer a better product or service.

We can share your personal information in the following cases: 

  • Recovery of debts – debt collection services, maksehäireregistrid. 
  • National surveillance authorities and the police. 
  • Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Unemployment Insurance customer information training consultants. Divisible data is first name, last name, and social security number. 
  • Public feedback on the client’s consent.

Collected data security and storage

For the security of personal data, we are trying to do everything possible to prevent unauthorized access to the data, disclosure, and other unlawful processing. We protect the integrity and confidentiality of personal data and ensure data access in accordance with the legislation in force.

For the personal data that is collected and processed by AMV House Ltd, there are established reasonable and appropriate organizational measures, technical and physical limitations. The measures we use will depend on the type of personal data and the potential consequences if the data would be public.

Unpersonal technical data collected by the website is generally stored indefinitely. Data storage time depends on the need to respond to data subjects inquiries, to solve a variety of problems, and the need to meet the statutory requirements for document retention. 

Personalized requests and/or transactions related to personal information is stored up to seven years from the last interaction with the service provider, due to the obligation to prove Accounting transactions. It’s also considered as interaction when you react to direct marketing with viewing or clicking on a link header. If the legislation does not require the retention of personal data and AMV House Ltd do not need them, we will delete the personal data. In this case, we use the personal information only for statistical purposes and only anonymous form.

AMV House Ltd may send customers information about their services, products, newsletters and offers if the customer has given their contact information, but as long as the customer has not asked for the shutdown.

If you have questions about your personal data storage or security, please write info@amvhouse.ee.

Customer (the data) rights

The default personal data is not available, changeable, accessible on the public website. 

The customer has the right to access the customer’s own personal data that is processed and stored by the AMV House Ltd and request correction of inaccurate personal data or get them erased. The customer has the right to object to processing their personal data on specific situations, which will be held under the provisions of the relevant laws, including those carried out under the provisions of the profile analysis.

When the processing of personal data is based on the consent of the data subject, the data subject has the right to withdraw consent at any time, without prejudice to the prior consent of the redemption of the lawfulness of the processing.

If the Customer has any questions about their rights or is of the opinion that the AMV House Ltd is his personal data (data) violated his rights, he should definitely contact the e-mail address info@amvhouse.ee. If AMV House Ltd by the proposed solution does not satisfy you, then you have the right to address the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.

Privacy policy terms and changes 

While using our websites or sevices you are familiar with these principles and conditions and accepted them. We reserve the right to change the general conditions of the privacy policy, if necessary, informing all connecting people.

Other provisions 

AMV House Ltd reserves the right to unilaterally amend the privacy policy. The privacy policy applicable laws of the Republic of Estonia and the latest version is always available on this website. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending a message to info@amvhouse.ee.