About us

AMV House OÜ was established in 2016 and is a rapidly Estonian capital-based developing company which operates in the field of manufacturing timber frame element buildings. We design, manufacture, and mount wall, ceiling, and roof elements for different types of buildings from saunas and summer cottages to row houses, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings.

We strive to offer our clients environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and time-saving solutions. We always approach the wishes of our clients individually, working together to find the best solutions for making their wishes and dreams come true.

Even though we have only been operating for a few years, we have a strong and professional team, which allows us to fearlessly set ambitious goals. Our people have long experience, as they have been working in the field of designing, project management, as well as manufacturing and sales of structural elements before joining our team. We value the determination and commitment, customer-friendly sales policy, and respect for service culture of our employees.

In the next few years, we intend to develop into a leading manufacturer and supplier of timber frame element houses in Estonia. In addition to Estonia, our production is also supplied to Swedish and Norwegian markets and our new target is to enter the markets of Germany, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Scotland/United Kingdom.


Experience and communication

Our young and professional team strives to provide all clients high-quality service and friendly and sincere communication, making the cooperation with us a memorable and positive experience for the client. We prioritise training our employees and deem it important to ensure modern and friendly working conditions for them, thereby providing the best service for our clients.

The entire process of building one’s home or some other building must be detailed and accurate. This process is well-characterised by various Estonian proverbs, such as ‘The wise man won’t rush’ or ‘Measure nine times, cut once’. By spending more time on focussing on the details in the planning phase, we can be confident in the success of the project and in the client’s satisfaction in many years to come.

It is important for us to remain in touch with our clients after completing the projects and we are grateful for pleasant as well as honest critical feedback that allows us to make our operations even more professional in the future.

Reliable quality and speed

Our accuracy in formalising orders, the competence and commitment of our designers, and the modern production conditions in our factory ensure the high quality of our products. Regular quality control in our factory guarantees the reliability of our products. The entire process from the sales transaction to mounting the building is documented and photographed (manufacturing and mounting), which ensures a stable quality of our services and the confidence of the clients.

The materials and products used in the production comply with European building standards and we only use the most reliable companies providing high-quality products as our suppliers. This allows for quick and accurate assembly of the elements at the construction site and reduces the duration of the construction works, which saves the client’s time and money.

We keep in mind in every stage of the process that we are not merely manufacturing another house but are creating a cosy home for a family or a high-quality working environment for a business.

AMV House – Building the future!