Building area: 195m2
Closed net area: 210m2
Number of Bedrooms: 4

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Building area: 123m2
Closed net area: 97m2
Number of Bedrooms: 3

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Building area: 187m2
Closed net area: 153m2
Number of Bedrooms: 4

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AMV House OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital that manufactures wooden element houses.
Our goal is to offer solutions that are eco-friendly and energy-saving, but not time-consuming. Our philosophy is that as every person is different, such is every project and that is why we need to take an individual approach to every one of them.
Ever though our company is young, our team is professional and experienced, which is why we are not afraid to aim for the bigger goals. By the year 2030 we aim to be the leading manufacturer of wooden element houses in northern Europe. On top of Estonian market we also export to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
As with any organization, the foundation of our company is a hard-working team. Our people have years of experience in their fields, having to have dealt with both the design and construction management as well as the production as sales of the wooden elements. The qualities we most value in our workers are determination and motivation as well as customer-friendly attitude and respectfulness of customer-service culture. It´s also important to have a versatile team that keeps us fresh while working.


Counselling CounsellingEvery building starts with the idea of it. According to the customer’s wishes, our experience in the field is helpful not only on the initial counselling, but also throughout the whole process. Together we will find the best solutions as far as materials are concerned with technical solutions and the way of implementing them.
Sales process Sales processAccording to the selected configuration of the building and agreed works, our sales manager will work out price quotation, payment / delivery terms and the initial schedule of the whole process.
Architecture and engineering Architecture and engineeringOur engineers will be involved during the whole process, starting from counselling, creating architectural designs and approval drawings of wooden buildings till preparing technical projects for wooden element manufacturing and assembly process.
If required, we also help in dealing with the local authorities and financial institutions.
Production ProductionIn the factory, we manufacture different kinds of wooden house elements, which are timber structure based floor, wall, ceiling and roof elements.
Thanks to our recognized partners and suppliers, we can ensure the quality of our produced elements/trusses, as well as additional materials supplied (cladding, windows, doors, stairs, etc.).
Erection process We carry out the erection works of our manufactured house sets on the client’s site, regardless of the location. All the extra tasks will be done or organized according to the agreement with the customer.


Timber Element Houses are becoming more and more popular and for several reasons.
Timber is an ecological material and the decision to build timber house will be an environmentally friendly decision. With timber element houses, we can offer energy-saving solutions and a comfortable living environment. Our professionals keep up to date with construction standards and regulations on our target markets to give greater confidence and satisfaction to our customers.
As producing the timber house elements in the factory, we can offer them with an affordable price range and at the same time plan exactly the entire building process. The materials we use are securely protected under various weather conditions, ensuring their quality. And thanks to the fast erecting the timber element houses can be installed with different weather conditions all year round.
Since every project is different, we will create according to your wishes the project personally for You.
For more details and information, please feel free to contact our sales representative!



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